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At Parkway Hospital Singapore, our clinical programmes tailored for patients to experience holistic and comprehensive care under a team of specialists. With more than 1,400 accredited specialists covering 40 multi-discplinary specialities, patients can expect quality care.

Meet our Doctor - #WeAreHereForYou

Dr Angeline Goh, renal medicine & kidney specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, answers some commonly asked questions about the kidneys!

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Do you have any unanswered questions about coronary artery disease? In this video, Cardiologist Dr Stanley Chia gives an in-depth explanation of coronary artery disease symptoms and the available treatment options.

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A brain tumour is an abnormal, uncontrolled growth of cells within the brain tissue. In this video, neurosurgeon Dr Nicolas Kon shares more about brain tumour symptoms, causes, and minimally invasive treatment options.

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Dr Andy Wee is an orthopaedic surgeon practising at Parkway East Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. He specialises in performing shoulder and elbow surgery, arthroscopic sports surgery and the management of sports-related injuries. Other clinical expertise include arthroscopy of the hip, knee and ankle.

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Urologist Dr Ronny Tan talks about Prostate Enlargement - or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) - and explains the symptoms, causes and available treatment options. Did you know that the prostate is a walnut-sized gland found at the base of the bladder? It typically increases in size as a man gets older. Some 40% of men usually experience enlarged prostate symptoms once they cross the age of 50, and this percentage increases to 70% as a man crosses the age of 70. 

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