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We've achieved another milestone in our mission to achieve better and safer treatment for our heart patients.


Called TricValve, this minimally invasive treatment is targeted at patients with heart failure due to tricuspid regurgitation (TR) or severe 'leaky' heart valves, and who are unsuitable for open-heart surgery.

This procedure was recently performed at Mount Elizabeth Hospital on 26 May 2022 and is the first for a private hospital in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Supported by an experienced team of nurses and radiographers, the procedure was successfully performed by cardiologists Dr Paul Chiam, Dr Charles Chan, and Dr Lim Choon Pin.

Involving a brief hospital stay, TricValve is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the implantation of 2 specially designed self-expanding valves via a blood vessel in the leg and placing them close to the chambers in the right side of the heart. These valves then expand in place to reduce the abnormal back flow of blood into the liver, kidney, neck, and head veins.

This doesn't just improve treatment outcomes for our heart patients with severe TR, but also focuses on their safety while helping them achieve a quicker recovery!

Get in touch with our colleagues in our representative offices to find out more about TricValve, and other minimally invasive treatments for heart diseases in Singapore today.

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