N E W S L E T T E R S E P T E M B E R   2 0 2 0 
  T O P   H U M A N   R I G H T S   A W A R D 

Amnesty confers La Salle brother top human rights award

We extend our congratulations to Br. Armin Altamirano Luistro FSC, LEAD Brother Visitor, for winning Amnesty International’s top award - the 2nd Ignite Award for Most Distinguished Human Rights Defender - in the individual category.

Br. Armin shares the same award with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) for the group category. This year’s recipients hailed from varying rights groups, all sharing one advocacy – to fight for basic rights of Filipinos to press freedom, education, and gender equality, among others.

  C O - E D U C A T I O N   S Y S T E M  

LSGH adopts co-education system in senior high

As part of its efforts to bring the school towards full integration, La Salle Green Hills has recently adopted a co-education system for senior high school, admitting, for the first time in sixty years, female enrollees in Grade 11.

A landmark decision by the school’s Board of Trustees, the shift from an exclusive-for-boys to a co-education set-up in the senior high school is seen as crucial in facilitating a smooth transition from high school to college. A coed environment provides opportunities to learn and work together productively.


F L E T C H   

LSGH launches new learning initiative

'FLETCH is not just a program but a direction where education can be meaningful, collaborative, values-based, supported and safe.’

As the pandemic continues to pose health risks, the need to explore alternative learning method that allows safer access to education becomes imperative. On July 20, with the opening of classes for Grades 11 and 12, La Salle Green Hills has officially piloted its new online learning program, FLETCH or Flexible Lasallian Education through Technology and Collaboration at Home.

FLETCH features two essential learning modalities: Home-Based Online Learning (HBOL) and Blended Learning.

Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face learning in the classroom and online learning. For the duration of the first and second trimesters (July 20 to December 18), an online learning set-up will be adopted.

In February, subject to clearance from health authorities and local government units, La Salle Green Hills hopes to shift to blended learning.

  A L U M N I   O N   B O A R D  

Giving back, Alumni on board

They have come full circle, returning to where it all started – their alma mater.

Not only do these alumni have first-hand experience of the school as former students; they now have an opportunity to experience La Salle Green Hills all over again, this time as prime movers, helping the school adapt and evolve in these trying times of the pandemic.

Meet the alumni on board, led by our school president from Batch ’82, Br. Edmundo Adolfo L. Fernandez FSC:


Batch 1997

Br. Normandy C. Dujunco FSC

Director for Lasallian Mission

Batch 1987

Arch. Pablo Fortunato A. Suarez

Head, Administrative Services Department

Batch 1985

Dr. Francisco T. Tiosejo

Head, Health Services Office

Batch 2010

Mr. Jose Miguel V. Moreno

Head, Human Resource Development Office

Batch 1995

Mr. John Patrick A. Zablan

Head, Safety and Security Office

Batch 1993

Mr. Joseph Ray Albert B. Garrido

Head, Technology Management Center

Batch 2004

Mr. David Johnn M. Leaño

Head, Marketing and Communication Office

Batch 1998

Mr. Rayvincent Matthew J. Bienvenida

Head, Sports Program & Development Office

Batch 1997

Mr. Michael D. Tecson III

Head, Strategic Planning Office

We believe in the Lasallian graduate!


  I N T E G R A T E D   S C H O O L  

La Salle Green Hills takes on an integrated approach

After sixty years, La Salle Green Hills has made the big shift to an integrated school set-up, bringing students, teachers and staff from three academic units - Grade School, High School, and Alternative Education (formerly Adult Night High School) – together under the leadership of one integrated school principal.

With all the academic units integrated, the school aims to make the teaching and learning process from Nursery to Grade 12 more effective, the curriculum more cohesive, the organizational structure leaner and more streamlined, and Lasallian education more inclusive.

The school’s integration involves switching back to a trimester system, allowing more flexibility in the delivery of an efficient learning experience.


L S G H   S A T E L L I T E  

Learn the L-Sat Way!

La Salle Green Hills is gearing up for the opening of classes for LSGH Satellite’s (L-SAT) Pre-Nursery and Nursery this coming October 5.

L-SAT, an early childhood learning center offering preschool education to 3- to 4-year-old boys and girls since 2019, is currently located at the ground floor of Avida Towers Centera, along EDSA in Mandaluyong. Now on its second year of operation, L-SAT is an ideal place of learning for very young kids, prior entry to formal schooling.

Enrollment starts September 3.

L-Sat classes open October 5.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to l-sat@lsgh.edu.ph.


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