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Money Doesn't Grow on Trees ... Or Does It?  The Rationale for Creating the Donald C. Outen Urban Tree Society 

When New York's Parks Department assessed the value of the City's urban tree canopy, the benefits totaled $120 million annually, 5.5 times the department's annual budget.  The breakdown included energy savings of $28 million, air quality improvements of $5 million, and storm water mitigation of $36 million.  It was estimated, further, that every big tree intercepted 1,432 gallons of stormwater annually.  Trees, it turns out, are not expensive ornaments.  Rather, they are an essential part of the urban, or, in our case, "inner suburban" landscape.  

Using our new mapping tool to assess tree canopy quality, we now know that, across our 18 existing properties totaling over 85 acres, four have a forest preservation map score result of “medium,” two have a result of “medium-high” and the balance (66%) have a result of “high.”  Clearly, a focus on forest preservation needs to be a part of the management plan for each of our existing properties.  As we shall see, moreover, there is also a pressing need for reforestation efforts.

Forest Preservation Opportunities Inside the URDL

We plan to unveil a new program to preserve the tree canopy inside the URDL, the Donald C. Outen Urban Tree Society, at the Adelaide Bentley Park Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, June 21.  To register for the event, click here.  To cut to the chase and sponsor a tree, click here.  To read the rest of this article about the tree canopy inside the URDL, including statistics for your neck of the woods and details on the Outen program, click here.



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