Venture serves the needs of both the Givers and the Askers.

For the Askers
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Fund Raising Planning
  • Establishing, Staffing, and Equipping the FR Unit
  • Board Assessment and Development
  • Case Statement Formulation
  • Communication Collaterals Development
  • Mentoring During Campaign Implementation
  • Fund Raising Market and Donor Research
  • Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies
  • Situational Analysis
  • Review of the Industry's Best CSR Practices
  • CSR Program Assessment
  • Focus Area Research and CSR Program Development
  • Strategic CSR Planning
  • Partner/Beneficiary Research
  • Partner Liaison and Management
  • Setting Up of a CSR Unit or Corporate Foundation
  • Employee Volunteer Orientation
  • CSR Monitoring and Evaluation
  • CSR Grant Administration

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Stronger Together:
Fund Raising Resources to
Help You Through COVID-19
We, at Venture for Fund Raising, stand in solidarity with all non-government organizations during this COVID-19 crisis. We understand that many organizations are facing difficulties in carrying out their missions while ensuring the health and safety of their staff, beneficiaries, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. To help our non-profit partners, we compiled some resources below to assist you in making informed fund raising decisions as you continue your good work.

Grant opportunities. This list describes some of the available grant funding opportunities that accept applications from Philippine-based non-profits working in the following sectors:

Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition. Citypreneurs is accepting proposals from impact-driven teams who want to scale in Asia for projects that contribute to inclusive health and quality of life; digitalization for equal opportunities; the future of work and economy growth; sustainable agriculture and food; green energy and the environment; and a circular economy and the future of waste management.

Education. Non-profit organizations and schools are being invited to apply for funding for programs aligned with STEM education, hunger relief, and environmental preservation at Western Digital. At the Finnish National Board of Education, higher education institutions with partners in Finland can apply for an education cooperation grant.

Health. Social enterprises and non-government, non-profit, for-profit, and academic institutions with innovations that seek to promote mental health and well-being through community-based approaches and psychosocial educational methods may apply for a grant with Grand Challenges Canada. In the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Health Research is accepting applied health research proposals that primarily and directly address the challenges faced by people and patients in low- and middle-income countries.

Human Rights. The Rising Tide Foundation provides grants to projects that show tangible impacts in private sector solutions to societal problems, system change, the empowerment of individuals, and teaching freedom to untapped audiences.

Media. At the International Women's Media Foundation, professional journalists who identify as women (including trans women and non-binary individuals), as well as teams of journalists composed of at least 50% women, are invited to tap into their fund that supports the exposure of underrated but critical global issues; ambitious projects that challenge traditional media narratives; the development of field-based expertise; training and leadership opportunities; and entrepreneurial news projects.

Social Sciences. Researchers from any of the natural and social sciences and humanities are invited to apply for grant funding at the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for research proposals that increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence and aggression.

Sustainable Development. The Dutch Research Council (or NWO) is accepting grant proposals from experienced consortia for a research program that rigorously maps, analyzes, and explains the complex interaction of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), to inform integrated and evidence-based SDG policies in the Netherlands and around the world. An opportunity for Southeast Asian countries from the U.S. Mission to ASEAN for public service projects that improve communities by addressing civic engagement, economic growth, education, and/or sustainable development is also open.

Which sectors would you like us to look into for the grant opportunities we'll feature on our next newsletter? Tell us here!

Fund raising campaign evaluation. Given the increasing number of online campaigns since the onset of the quarantine period, we believe it's appropriate to share a simple campaign evaluation checklist of questions that you can run through in your next online staff meeting. Whether you have just finished a fund raising campaign, are in the middle of running one, or are planning one right now, identifying our metrics and assessing our campaign's performance is essential in the fund raising process. Needless to say, evaluating your fund raising campaign is key to improving your organization's capacity in finding the resources it needs to carry out your mission! 

4 ways to engage your donors. When large-scale quarantining measures were put into place, one of the first things everyone did was to check up on family and friends. The way we treat our donors should be no different; they are, after all, our friends! Despite the distance, here are some simple ways you can nurture your donor friendships and show them you care.

Reach out and empathize with them. Call, message, or email your donors to empathize with them and their families, and what they may be going through. With the coronavirus and lockdowns in place, many of your donors may be facing a variety of difficulties. They may be juggling their career life with their family life
 some may have school-age children or elderly parents that they need to care for. They may be struggling to continue their businesses or they may be affected by their company layoffs. Showing genuine compassion during this crisis is a simple way to reciprocate the compassion they have shown to your cause and beneficiaries in the past. 

Keep them posted. Inform your donors about updates within your organization. Some examples include the measures you are taking to safeguard the well-being of your beneficiaries, what you are doing to support the health and safety of your staff, and how you are planning to implement your programs during the pandemic.

Although a lot is going on, donors care about your cause
 that's why they supported you in the first place! Being transparent now will say a lot about how your organization is responding to the crisis and this can boost your donors' trust and confidence in your organization. In addition, this can help them gain a better understanding of your organization's needs when you do ask for their support later on.

Show them the impact of their donations. Let your donors know how their generous gifts have made a difference in people's lives, especially during this time. Make sure you have sufficient documentation of what their donations have helped you achieve, like the repacking and distribution of relief goods, the creation of community soup kitchens, provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs), or any other activities that your organization is undertaking. Share your documentation with your donors - whether through an email, newsletter, video, or photo album - and make sure to highlight their role in the entire endeavor. Last but not the least, don't forget to thank them!

Offer them other ways to help. Many of your donors may wish to do more for your cause but are unsure of how they can help. Inform your donors about the different ways they can be part of your organization aside from just giving. One simple way is to ask them to keep your beneficiaries and your organization in their thoughts and prayers. Donors who are active on social media can be asked to react to and share your organization's social media posts to help increase your online reach. Donors who are looking for deeper engagement can be offered opportunities to volunteer at your organization from the safety of their homes, or even set up an online fund raising campaign for you. Identify the priority needs of your organization and which types of activities you can offer your supporters, then spread the word far and wide!

The most important thing to remember now is that we are all in this together. Let's show the same empathy, compassion, and concern for our donors that they have shown our causes, even from afar. When this crisis ends, we will come out stronger together.


Venture Highlights

The COVID-19 Impact Survey on the Philippine Non-profit Sector. As the COVID-19 health crisis continues, non-profit organizations all over the country are struggling to remain in the "business of caring." In spite of this, the need for all of their programs and services may be greater than ever before.

We, at Venture, recognize that development leaders and professionals may need supplemental local data to make sound decisions upon which the survival of their organizations may rest. Thus we would like to invite you to take part in the COVID-19 Impact Survey on the Philippine Non-profit Sector. Through this online survey, we also hope to gain a deeper understanding of the arising issues within the sector and use this to be more responsive to our fellow non-profits' needs by providing relevant training and mentoring programs substantiated by up-to-date local data.

We hope you can take a few minutes to accomplish it here:

We would also appreciate it a lot if you can share this survey with your contacts in other non-government or non-profit organizations!

Be assured that we will be sharing the summary of the results with you once we have completed our analysis. We will also continue to offer our support and advice as we recognize that the non-profit community can only emerge stronger from this difficult time if we pull together.


Webinar on Fund Raising During the COVID-19 Pandemic. More than 60 attendees from 37 organizations participated in a fund raising webinar hosted and livestreamed by the Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation in partnership with Venture last June 24. Ms. Pinky Medina, our Executive Director, talked about the changes in the current fund raising environment and the emerging fund raising strategies and shared tips to strengthen the organizations' resource mobilization capacities as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Read more

Venture is going online! To deliver the best online training courses possible, we are relaunching our survey on fund raising courses that you or your organization would like to attend.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our fund raising environment has drastically shifted. The current context has also motivated us at Venture to adapt our courses to fit an online setting, for everyone's safety. Given these changes, we believe that there is a need to release this survey once again for us to serve you better and cater to your organization's needs.

Please take a moment to answer the revised 5-minute survey here:

The COVID-19 Fund Raising Campaigns Google Sheet. From April to June, we recorded over 140 active fund raising efforts related to the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines! The simple yet effective Google Sheet served as one-stop resource for anyone wanting to help the various non-profit organizations, corporations, citizen volunteers, and hospitals raising funds for the needs of medical and non-medical frontliners, the disadvantaged in urban areas, public utility vehicle drivers, farmers and fisherfolk, indigenous people, and many more sectors. Read more

We're here for you. These are difficult times for everyone. We will continue to provide assistance to everyone, assistance that may be needed now more than ever, in the best way we know how. Share your fund raising questions or concerns by messaging us on our social media or emailing, and we will do our best to help you address them.

In other news, the Venture team has been working remotely since the enhanced community quarantine was declared last March. We have been taking this opportunity to reinvent Venture to keep up with and respond to the changing times and deliver the best possible training, consulting, and research programs to you, our partners. We invite everyone to join us on this journey through our social media, where we will be posting more updates, and together spread kindness, support, and generosity!