Akubo Customer Database

The Akubo Team comes from various interests and backgrounds. But one thing we have in common is a passion and commitment to help small organizations with their database needs.

Akubo Team

Robin Abello

Robin started Akubo to address the database needs of Tapulanga Foundation, a non-profit based in the Philippines he co-founded with his sister Mic Golez in 2001. Robin recognized the need for a simple, affordable and powerful web-based database that small organizations worldwide can use.

Robin is the founder of Percworks, Inc., a small tech company in Howard County, MD that serves more than 1,000 customers providing computer tech support, consulting, training and web applications development services.

Prior to starting Percworks, Robin previously served in various capacities at Inktomi and PSINet, handling roles in tech support, web services, MIS, training and consulting. In college, he pursued his interests in communication arts and computers, earning a BS in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MS in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Edwin Calanog
Regional Director (Asia)

Edwin was one of the first customers of Akubo. He brings a wealth of experience in operations management to help with Akubo's growth and ensuring that customer satisfaction and product quality remains high.

Edwin's past roles include leading Lakeside Technologies International as Senior Operations Manager for its software development operations in the Philippines. Previously, he worked with Microsoft Business Solutions in Pasig City, Philippines as Program Manager assigned to Project Accounting solutions. He also worked for TMA Resources, a Virginia-based company as Quality Assurance Analyst and Technical Writer for software solutions customized for associations, labor unions, and non-profit organizations.

Edwin holds an M.B.A. from Fordham University and a B.A. in International Relations (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.